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SME Statistics 2010-2014: Key Performance Indicators of SMEs in Russia

SME Statistics 2010-2014: Key Performance Indicators of SMEs in Russia
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Moscow , 2016
  • SME statistics
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Key performance indicators of small and medium enterprises in Russia are published by the Federal Statistical Service (Rosstat) annually in a statistical year book. These data are based on the data of statistical observations of SMEs.

In 2016 Rosstat will organize an SME Census, based on SME data for 2015, in accordance with the Federal Law  of July 24, 2007 № 209-FZ “On the development of small and medium entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation”. All SMEs registered in Russia will participate in the census, including micro-, small and medium enterprises (legal entities) and individual entrepreneurs. The results of the census are expected to be most informative and interesting, they will provide comprehensive data about SME sector in Russia. The primary outcomes of the census will be published on the official Rosstat Web-site  in 2017.

Table of contents:

1. Key SME sector indicators for 2015
2. SME performance trends in 2010-2014
3. Structure of SME sector (legal entities)
4. Performance indicators of individual entrepreneurs
5. SME participation in public procurement
6. International comparisons: Russia and EU member state


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