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Russia: Modernising the Economy

Russia: Modernising the Economy
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Paris , 2013
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42 pages
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Russia: Modernising the Economy Russia: Modernising the Economy 4 931,33 Kb 10.10.2017

Table of contents:


Modernising the Russian Economy

Strengthening the Fiscal Framework 

Strengthening the Financial Sector 

Improving the Business Climate 

Strengthening Competition 

Improving the foreign investment climate  

Reducing trade barriers 

Reducing the size of the SOE sector and improving governance 

Financing the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Sector 

Improving the Effectiveness of Public Administration 

Fostering regional development  

Strengthening innovation  

Getting the right skills and competencies for a modern Russian economy 

Striking a better balance between labour market flexibility and workers’ protection  

Social policies to promote equity  

Modernising the health care system 

Promoting greener growth  

Reforming the energy sector to modernise the economy  

Better Policies for Agriculture

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