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Doing Business in Russia 2012

Doing Business in Russia 2012
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, 2012
World Bank/Subnational Doing Business
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158 pages
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Doing Business in Russia 2012 is the second report in a series analyzing four areas of business regulation across 30 Russian cities—starting a business, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, and registering property. These indicators were selected because they cover areas of local jurisdiction or practice. Trading across borders, which was included in the first round, has been replaced by the getting electricity indicator. In 2008, quantitative indicators on business regulations were analyzed for 10 cities: Irkutsk, Kazan, Moscow, Perm, Petrozavodsk, Rostov-on-Don, Saint-Petersburg, Tomsk, Tver and Voronezh. This year's report documents improvement in these cities and expands the analysis to 20 additional cities: Kaliningrad, Kaluga, Kemerovo, Khabarovsk, Surgut, Kirov, Murmansk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Samara, Saransk, Stavropol, Ulyanovsk, Vladikavkaz, Vladivostok, Volgograd, Vyborg, Yakutsk, Yaroslavl and Yekaterinburg.

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