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Summary of the Non-bank Microfinance Development Trends in Russia /2003-2004/

Summary of the Non-bank Microfinance Development Trends in Russia /2003-2004/
Place and year of publication
Moscow , 2006
Produced by the Russain SME Resource Centre jointly with the Russian Microfinance Centre
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25 pages
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This paper is based on the second round of annual monitoring of Russia's microfinance market, using the same methodology as that used in the first round. The paper provides comprehensive information on the current market situation, operators, structural and quantitative parameters which are key for designing effective policies to promote and monitor microfinance programs and to identify potential areas for investment.In addition, the paper provides a case-by-case analysis of key microfinance providers and their profiles.
The findings of annual sample-based surveys of microfinance institutions demonstrate a progressive growth of this market segment. This method of debt financing is becoming increasingly common in Russia, gradually becoming a part of the country’s finance system, complementing conventional banking and providing access to loans for those businesses and consumers who do not meet banks' requirements. The overall growth of microfinance operations is estimated to be 1.3 – 1.8-fold between 2003 and 2004. Credit cooperatives were the fastest growing type of MFIs in 2004. In 2004, alongside the growth of operations, MFI performance improved, making microfinance providers even more efficient and financially sustainable.
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Table of contents:

Key Findings
What is Microfinance: Background Information
A Typology of Microfinance Providers
The Geography of the Russian Microfinance
Target Customers of the Russian MFIs
The Range of Microfinance Services Provided by Russian MFIs
Loan Information
Russian Non-Bank MFIs’ Loan Portfolio
MFI Borrower Base
Reference: Loan Sizes and Number
Access to Microfinance
Loan Security
Minimum and Maximum Loan Size
Cost of Microfinance
Taking Savings: Amounts and Conditions
Volume of Savings Operations
Terms and Conditions for Savings and Deposits
Savings and a Source of MFI Liabilities
Loan Portfolio Quality

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