RCSME mission is to foster private sector development in Russia by providing high-quality information support, policy advice and research, disseminating best practices of SME support


The Russian SME Resource Centre (RCSME) is a leading SME research and analytical centre.

RCSME was established in 1999 under a TACIS project SMERUS 9501 “Establishment of the Resource Centre for SMEs”.

RCSME offers a wide range of services and data:

  • SME statistics in Russia, including statistics on individual entrepreneurs and medium businesses;
  • research and policy advice on SME support, business and investment climate;
  • monitoring and analysis of private sector development;
  • best practices of SME support & knowledge sharing across Russia via an own information dissemination system;
  • largest in Russia free Electronic Library on Small Entrepreneurship http://www.rcsme.ru/lib.asp;

Please note that RCSME is a research organisation and it does not provide partner search, B2B services or market research for SMEs.

Main achievements and relevant experience:

- 15-year experience and knowledge about business environment for MSMEs in Russia;

- cost effective implementation of over 60 projects on SME development and finance;

- surveys and analytical reports  with recommendations for informed decisions.

RCSME possesses sufficient human and technical resources, including several Web-sites. The main sites are www.rcsme.ru and www.sme-news.ru.

Founder and key partner: the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (RF CCI).

Main recent projects:

  • Overview of SME support policies and tools (RF CCI, 2013);
  • SME sector monitoring, on-going since 2008 (RF CCI, RF Government);
  • Development of Enterprise Europe Network in Russia (EU, 2012);
  • Opportunities for the internationalisation of SMEs in third countries, including Russia (EU, 2010-2011);
  • Development of methodology and tools for All-Russia SME census (2009-2011, Federal Statistics Service);
  • Study of administrative barriers to Investment within subjects of the Russian Federation (World Bank Group, 6 rounds, 2003 – 2009);
  • Microfinance development and SME finance (over 20 projects in 2000-2010, funded by donors and financial institutions);
  • a series of projects on innovation, education, statistical observations of enterprises.

RCSME has developed and is owner of databases on SMEs and private sector:

  • statistical and analytical data on SMEs sector in Russia,
  • over 600 analytical reports and publications,
  • books, surveys, regional Web-resources, daily updated SME news;

RCSME supports its own SME information dissemination system covering all Russia’s regions, with over 1200 subscribers.

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